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Helping you to unlock your dog's potential

Behavioural challenges can be tough to deal with, but you don't have to do it alone.

My focus is on helping people to communicate more effectively with their canine companions. The goal is to empower you to make your lives better.

You and your dog are a partnership, always.

My story

At a glance

  • Certified trainer and behaviourist
  • Force free and positive reinforcement trainer
  • Dynamic Dog Practioner
  • Science based techniques paired with a holistic touch

The bigger picture

My passion for working with dogs was sparked by three wonderful German Shorthaired Pointers; sisters Brook and Izzy, and my boy Sully. With them came an introduction to gun dog training in my early 20s. When I first asked Sully to work with me it unlocked a feeling of pure joy which had me hooked. Since then, the learning has never stopped!

When I was beginning my journey working with dogs I looked to some well-known names within both the gun dog and pet dog training worlds. Suffice to say I quickly made up my own mind about those practices, which never sat well with me. When I really think about it, the reality is that the dogs themselves taught me the most and I will be forever grateful to my first three pups for being my initial teachers.

Sully, Brook, and Izzy

I have come a LONG way from traditional dog training and I now pride myself on being a force free trainer and behaviourist. Any mistakes you may think you have made with your dogs, I can guarantee I have probably also made!

The pursuit for knowledge is never ending and, in addition to the vast amounts of time already invested in my journey, I continue to undertake further courses to ensure I am up to date with the latest research and doing the best I can for my clients. My shelves are groaning under the weight of my book habit!

The most important thing to me is to ensure dogs and their people are living happily.

I keenly understand how vital it is for people to feel heard when they work with a behaviourist; I am there to listen to you as much as I am there to help your dog through any issues they may be facing.

I am a certified dog trainer and behaviourist under the Victoria Stilwell Academy, a Dynamic Dog Practitioner, and member of the Association of Dynamic Dog Practitioners. As such, you can be sure that I am held to extremely high professional standards. I am fully insured with Pet Business Insurance for all aspects of my work

How I can help

Do any of the following statements resonate with you?

  • lack of focus from your dog
  • your dog has anxiety (generalised or specific situations)
  • your dog is displaying 'inappropriate' behaviours or you find their behaviour challenging
  • you've worked with other trainers or behaviourists but not got the results you wanted
  • training isn't going how you had anticipated
  • you want to know how to form a better bond with your dog
  • you think there may be a physical issue, but cant quite put your finger on it
  • you feel at a loss with how to move forward

I can help you with all of the issues above and more.

My approach

Understanding WHY a dog is displaying a certain behaviour is paramount to me and often there is an underlying cause which could have been easily overlooked. Identifying the causes of behavioural challenges is the first step and this can be done through a Dynamic Dog assessment.

This assessment covers a multitude of functions you may not even think twice about when your dog performs them and goes beyond a standard gait and posture analysis. My specialist training as Dynamic Dog Practioner allows me to employ a variety of analytical techniques that can highlight potential discomfort in your dog, which could be adding to behaviour issues. This assessment will give you the confidence to advocate for your dog and work with your vet to obtain any relevant diagnosis, with me by your side.

I will be there supporting you to address the effects on behaviour any physical issues may be having, general behavioural challenges, suggesting positive changes in your home, and showing you how to create the best bond with your dog.

My approach to assisting clients is never one dimensional; I know that one size does not fit all and I particularly enjoy being able to customise my plans to each individual. To me, it is vital to ensure the dog's life as a whole is balanced before embarking on behaviour modification.

What next?

When you first make contact with me we have a free 15 minute discovery call to get to know each other over the phone and discuss what areas are concerning you.

We then have an initial consultation, which is usually around 2hrs, where we go through a detailed history, deep dive into the issues you are facing, and create a plan for moving forward. During this initial session we may also complete a home assessment, implement some changes, and/or do a small amount of training.

I write up notes from each session and share with you so that you have a clear record of what our goals are.

Some dogs and their people will require just a few sessions, whilst others will require a long term commitment.

So long as you need me, I will be there.

Other professionals

If you are a canine professional who is struggling with a case, a Dynamic Dog assessment could provide you with the information you need to progress. If you need a sounding board or a second opinion, please get in touch. I am experienced with being part of a multi-disciplinary team and supporting other professionals.

What people say

Katie's calm, supportive and holistic approach has helped us understand our dog on a deeper level, enabling us to implement many positive changes. Her knowledge and passion for dogs is second to none and we look forward to every session with her.

As behaviourists go, Katie is the rarest of breeds!

Natasha and Luna

Katie helped me achieve a much more harmonious relationship for me and the dogs. Katie is so knowledgeable, the dogs love her, and she makes it fun. So if anyone needs help to improve their dogs life, their relationship, I would highly recommend Katie.

Anna and Harley

I've seen a few dog behaviourists before, but I didn't connect with their methods whereas everything Katie said made sense to me. Even more, Bailey responded so well and continues to! I really recommend Katie.

Sophia and Bailey

Katie is a very calm and patient person who takes time to understand her clients needs and has an excellent knowledge of dogs and their behaviour. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Mary and Hendrix

Katie is such a caring, committed and thoughtful trainer who has a tremendous understanding of dogs and their needs while able to communicate effectively with the owners.

Jeff, Tracy and Amber

Work with me

Call, text, email; you choose how to get in touch!

I am based in south east Buckinghamshire and cover a 25 mile radius, in person (travel expenses apply over 10 miles).

Dynamic Dog assessments can be done virtually, so open to anyone worldwide.

Images courtesy of Igor Olejnik

In person area covered